Viet My routinely classes

Basically ABC

For students who need to retool their knowledge and skills in academic English firm also prepared to participate in certification exams countries A, B, C according to the standard of the English


Helps you prepared for the skills and knowledge solid language according to international standards for the purpose to study and work in an environment of international English communication or

Practical Phonetics

Helps you improve maximum capability correct pronunciation for each level, improve the fluency, accuracy and confidence in communication. Phonetic practical courses will effectively support

English communication

Helps you improve English communication skills in English International environment with the fastest and most efficient. Through the common communication situations, students will be equipped with

English Children

The program is designed to bring continuity levels closed from children to teens and connected to academic English program, and to help children construct knowledge and solid language skills, medium build

English on request

Satisfying the needs of the student group, now have special requirements for class time, goals and programs at reasonable costs and satisfactory quality

New member


IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is the International English Certificate assess usability ...


Reference Framework common language capacity in Europe - Common European Framework of References for Languages ​​...


English for International Communication (TOEIC) in recent years has become more popular and is ...